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With My Meta Shop, support is always on click away. Whether you are having issues with a sale or just have some basic questions about getting started.

Low Fees

With My Meta Shop, you can list your items for no cost. Once you make a sale you pay a 3% + $0.40 transaction fee.

Featured Sellers

Every week we feature a new seller on our front page. This is open to all good standing sellers in our community.

Fee Structure

No Listing Fee

Secure Transactions

Get Paid Directly

Seller Protection

Our transaction fees are simple, we take a small commission and you keep the rest.

3% + $0.20

Transaction Fee

We process all of our payments with PayPal, your account information is protected by our SSL-Encryption.

How do you get paid?

All of our payments process through PayPal. When a customer checks out the payment is directly sent to your PayPal account. PayPal will charge a fee for the total amount you receive. The amount taken will depend on the account type that you have with PayPal. Find out more here.