A phone where the only one listening is the person you’re talking to.


Alpha Phase Enrollment

$99 covers your annual admin fee and secures your position as one of our key decentralized marketing participants.

When you officially lock in your position, you not only open full SDKmeta DMP Portal access, where you can manage your back office and see the updated Leader Board running toward the Alpha Bonus Pool, but you have made the choice to grow your own business by marketing a human-centric mobile operating system on top of the Cardano blockchain that's focused on empowering peer-to-peer economies.

Join us as an Alpha Team participant and together we will make a positive impact on humanity with technology that powers personal choice!

Take Control of Your Communications

ZERO Privacy Violations

Secure sovereign storage for media and sensitive files

Own Your Own Encryption with Self-Sovereign Identity on the Cardano blockchain

ZERO Data Breaches

Encrypted VOIP SIM riding over a fully private global LTE network

Fully hardened (no backdoors) secure operating system and hardware

ZERO Attacks or Hacks

Secure global communications in 180 countries

Powered by metaOS and verified with metaID

Privacy by Design

We value privacy, and this is reflected in our products. metaOS is designed to keep all your sensitive data private and under your control to provide you freedom to choose where, how, and with whom it is shared.

ZERO Knowledge Architecture

metaOS provides a decentralized, always-on, private network designed around the concept of zero-knowledge: no sensitive information, confidential data, or private encryption keys are ever stored outside the devices. There is zero room for human error or internal data leakage.

Infinitely Scalable

Each Encrypted Communication metaNode has a capacity for up to 3000 users, but the technology allows for limitless and rapid scalability. New nodes are automatically deployed and added on demand as new customers enroll.

A New Operating System for a New Digital Era

ZERO Attack Surface

All easily exploitable entry points of modern mobile devices (Google services, GSM services, SMS, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, etc.) have been closed off in metaOS.

Verified Boot

During enrollment, a unique device fingerprint is created. On every boot, the device fingerprint is validated against a server-side copy to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the OS.

Triple Password Protection

The device's storage, OS, and secure applications are all protected by separate passphrases, each set to trigger a wipe sequence if mistaken a consecutive number of times.

Learn more about the extensive security features of the metaOS.

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Multiple Levels of Encryption

Incoming and outgoing communication is end-to-end encrypted and transmitted over an encrypted network. All data stored on the device is secured and encrypted.

Secure KeyStore

All encryption keys are generated on the device and stored on a FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic module. No private keys are ever shared or stored outside the device.

Trusted Updates

Updates are issued and digitally signed exclusively through the Secure Administration System (SAS). Devices apply updates only after verifying the authenticity of the digital signature.

Global Connectivity With Zero Vulnerability

Do I really need a phone number?

Phone numbers are an unnecessary relic of switchboard operations that persist into the digital era. Your highest point of attack vulnerability is the cellular network-issued phone number that has become your ultimate source of digital identity and physical whereabouts. The inertia from analog systems as we moved into the digital age have become our single biggest loss of sovereignty and control.

The SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card in your current phone is the circuit that holds your data, authenticates your identity, and connects you to networks. SIM cards come with an Authentication Key, which is not something you as the user have access to. You bought your phone, but you don’t actually own it because you don’t have unmitigated access or control over your information.

The metaZERO works exclusively with the fully encrypted and anonymous metaSIM, a global VOIP (voice over internet protocol) SIM with several data coverage plans for every use case worldwide. When you have a metaZERO, you own the metaSIM, giving your absolute independence from mobile operators for your most critical and private communications.

Better is the New More

Technology is a great servant, but a horrible master. You have given up control for algorithms, privacy for access, and security for convenience.

Reclaiming your humanity starts with controlling your digital presence and owning your identity. A metaZERO means starting fresh.

Reclaiming your humanity starts with controlling your digital presence and owning your identity. A metaZERO means starting fresh.

Qualify to Earn Your Bonus Share
of 2% of Global Sales

Join the metaCOMMUNITY for $99 now

The metaCOMMUNITY is your ticket to the peer-to-peer marketing economy for owning and selling meta products. Joining the metaCOMMUNITY empowers you to be a part of the digital economy and grow your own business.

For those marketers who can move substantial product in the Alpha Phase period, there is a one-time only limited window to earn a pro-rata piece of an additional pool funded by 2% of lifetime global revenue for those who remain qualified as DMPs with their annual admin fee. Lock in your spot now!

Coming Q1 2022
(Pre-orders begin Fall 2021)

Breaking News! In early 2022, as a customer or decentralized marketing participant (DMP) with meta, you will be able to merge your private/secure communications with your daily "lifestyle" mobile entertainment, influencer, and professional needs in one single device with the release of metaOS 2.0 and the launch of the full-feature set of metaID 1.0.

The metaONE will be a dual-mode phone with metaOS 2.0 with two SIM cards and our dual-mode operating system, allowing you to seamlessly transition between using your phone as a totally secure and encrypted device like the metaZERO and a more traditional smartphone with all the lifestyle features and apps you’re used to.

Pre-sale deposits will begin through your metaCOMMUNITY DMP in Fall 2021. Early priority will be given to metaZERO owners. Initial Shipments will be made to all customers with reservation deposits by the end of Q3 2022.